About Us

Mats 4 Brats is a West Australian based company located in Perth WA, specialising in manufacture and supply of high quality equipment for the child care industry. We pride ourselves on our personalised service.

Because we manufacture equipment for the childcare industry we are able to provide the best quality and prices for our clients.

Mats 4 Brats began in 2003 supplying outdoor safety mats for child care centres. Because of our service and quality our reputation in the child care industry quickly grew and currently we serve almost every child care centre in West Australia and Perth, and we also have national customers in other states including New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia.

We are able to provide cost efficient freight services to clients across Australia.

Recently in February 2010, Mats 4 Brats opened an overseas factory located in Bali, providing employment for Balinese people and allowing us to serve the industry better with fast delivery and competitive pricing. We are pleased to say that in the time that the factory has been open, demand has seen us already outgrow the space that we have. Our new factory has allowed us to manufacture our quality Australian designed products that previously we were unable to cost effectively manufacture before.

All custom orders and outdoor PVC mats and eqipment are manafactured in our Perth factory. We can custom manufacture a huge variety of equipment for childcare operators, and we are happy to discuss your needs.